simply delicious pineapple & mango for the fruit lovers!


a mixture of ESPRESSO & COFFEE

with a hint of VANILLA

CHERRY express

Welcome to Vape Juice South Africa

We are passionate about creating flavours that will blow your mind!

Vape Juice SA custom e- juices are mixed in 9, 6, 3 and 0 mg, to ensure maximum flavour and taste.
The bottles are 30 ml dropper bottles.
The e-juices are soft and mixed in 50 VG/50 PG, and in Sub Ohm juices 80 VG/ 20 PG.
Only South African Flavours are used in Vape Juice SA e-juices!
Vape Juice SA e-juices are used in all makes of vaporizers.

We also customise your juices according to your needs!

Our Products Include:

Vanilla Custard, Banana & Caramel
Blueberry Ice, Blueberry Double Ice
Very Berry, Strawberry & Cream
Fruity Mint, Fresh Mint
Coffee, Peanana, Peppermint Crisp Tart
Pango, Cherry Express, Guava, Peach & Apricot

This range just proves that local is “lekker” and that Vape Juice SA is a South African Company that celebrates  the heritage of South African wildlife!